2 things to consider before buying a washing machine

There are some expenses you wish you would never have to make. Buying new appliances is one of them. No one likes to go to the laundromat every time they need to wash an article of clothing. Being able to easily do your laundry directly in your house is not luxury anymore, it’s essential. The only problem is that a washing machine is not eternal, it does break sometimes. Clearly, the first thing to do when it happens is to call on washing machine repair services to have it fixed. But if even they can’t do anything, you’ll have to buy a new one. Here are two questions you must ask yourself before you make this purchase.

Front loading or top loading?


Both options have their qualities and their flaws. First, a top loading washing machine will be more affordable when you buy it. However, it consumes much more water and energy. A front loading can be really practical if you have a very restricted space because you will be able to superimpose your washing machine and your dryer, but it’s easier to drop the clothes in a top loading one. This choice is really personal and should be made according to your lifestyle and esthetic tastes.

Used or new?


It could be surprising to suddenly have to buy another washing machine because your old one broke and you may not have a big room for such a purchase in your budget. If you do, you may consider buying a used one. Secondhand has many known benefits, it’s cheaper, it’s more ecological and it’s more ethical, but the thing is that you can never really know for sure if the machine is working properly and won’t leave some weird stains on your clothes. It’s also weird to ask the current owner if you can try it before you take it. You also have to consider the cleanliness of the appliance. A washing machine might be pretty dirty if it wasn’t properly maintained and is often difficult to wash.

You also have to consider that you’ll have to transport the machine yourself if you opt for second hand. Generally, stores offer practical transportation services. You don’t have to think about how much it’s going to cost, if you’ll be able to drive the truck you rent, if it will be shipped on time, etc. Stores are usually reliable and will offer you a good price for this service.

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