5 Mirror Trends that Can Instantly Update Your Home

Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose home is the most beautiful of them all? Well, if you are on top of your mirror trend game, you might just hear your own name!


There are few home décor elements that have the transformative power of a mirror. From adding light, to seemingly expanding a room, there is both beauty and utility in a well-chosen and placed mirror. The secret is finding something that works with the existing style of the room while adding interest.


Just like every type of home décor, mirrors have trends that come and go, and these are some current looks that we have been seeing in beautifully and tastefully designed spaces:

The Round Mirror

We’ve been around the block with mirror trends, from large rectangular ones with cut corners, to tiled mirror walls. The biggest trend this season is undoubtedly the round mirror. While it used to be associated with a nautical theme, there’s something new and modern about this simple shape. Hang it above your mantel instead of a TV or replace your bathroom mirror with this en vogue shape for an instant refresh. From ornate frames to simple and sleek edges, you can do no wrong reaching for this trend.


The Oversized Lean


Did you fall in love with an oversize, full-length mirror? Now all that’s left it to figure out how to hang such a heavy object on your wall. The simple answer is: don’t! The newest trend among bloggers and renown designers is to place it on the floor and lean it against your wall. Not only will it give you a more flattering angle, it gives the room a casual centerpiece and a source of reflective light. Though this might sound dangerous and a bit precarious, with the right placement, it can be quite safe and liveable.





You might not be used to seeing mirrors hanging horizontally, but it’s an easy way to give your home or office a modern look. Though it has perhaps less utility than a vertically hanging mirror, it’s an accent piece that is hard to beat and is versatile enough to add interest without clashing with existing styles. Tip: hang it at face level for maximum effect, otherwise you might just miss that it’s there and it can just look like an empty frame.


Wooden Frame


If you are looking to build a more “hygge” interior, consider a wooden frame for your mirror. Mid-century modern furnishings and teak furniture will go well with this minimalist approach to mirrors and décor. Mirrors can seem sterile and utilitarian, but the natural wood adds a warmth that metal and glass can’t seem to achieve. Bonus trend points for unpolished-looking, matte wooden frames.




Looking for your mirror to be more than a reflective surface? Even more than just an element to “bring things together”? Go bold and vintage with your shape and frame, making your mirror choice the conversation piece in your room. If you don’t have much luck with finding something authentic that fits the size of your space, there is a place where you can get custom mirrors in Montreal. They will be able to bring your vision to life!


Though a complete décor redo of your home and workplace can be a large financial commitment, the addition of the perfect mirror can make all the difference while staying within the budget. The option of creating a custom fit can be an appealing one as you get to bring together the style elements that you like while ensuring that the shape and size are appropriate for the space you have in mind.


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