Christmas in the OC: Simple and Stylish DIY Projects

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Residents of the OC may never experience a white Christmas, but that doesn’t mean we’re lacking in Christmas spirit. With the do-it-yourself holiday tips provided here, your home can reflect the warmth of Christmas, as well as that unique Orange County style. Keep reading for advice on turning your home into a beach-inspired winter wonderland, without suffering through the cold and snow!

Seashell Decorations

Looking for gorgeous, unique touches to add to your holiday decor? Look no further than the beautiful beaches of Orange County. The OC’s beaches are known for their plentiful assortment of gorgeous shells, so grab a bucket and start collecting. Or, if you’d rather, you could purchase shells from a retail outlet or speciality shop; either way, the results will delight your family and guests. It should be noted that these types of DIY projects, not to mention holiday parties, can get a little messy. Don’t get stressed over the mess. For the best house cleaning in Orange County, head over to

Use shells for projects like the following:

  • Seashell and pine garlands
  • For a beautiful, beach-inspired Christmas, simply glue a variety of shells to a plain pine garland, then drape across the mantle or wind around the handrails of your staircase. For this project, any type of shell will do, but those with flatter, smoother surfaces are best. Sea stars, large clam shells and cockle shells are all excellent choices.
  • Shell ornaments
  • Sand dollars and seashells make wonderful ornaments, no matter their size or shape. For extra pops of color, shells can be painted in bright, eye-catching shades; however, their natural hues look beautiful as well.
  • Seashell wreaths
  • To make a gorgeous seashell Christmas wreath, purchase or make a simple pine wreath, then attach seashells of your choosing. To add some color, throw in some dried flowers or red bean berries.

Beach-Inspired Color Palettes

Who says your house has to be outfitted in traditional Christmas colors? For a warm, beachy vibe that still promotes feelings of good cheer, look for holiday decorations and ornaments in beach-inspired hues. For example, deck your halls in shades like rich coral, sunny yellow, watery blue and/or grassy green. Neutral colors work well, too, so don’t shy away from sandy beige or cream!

Nautical Themes

Nautical themes aren’t just for summer. This Christmas, think of how beautiful your home will look decked out in nautical style. Think sailboats, lighthouses, anchors, rope, nautical stars, etc. Add some lights and there you have it: Christmas at sea!

Sea Star Touches

Sea stars can add gorgeous, unique touches to your holiday decor. Simple sea star projects like the following can bring beach-inspired elegance to your Christmas style.

  • Sea star tree toppers 
  • For a beachy twist on Christmas tree toppers, swap that traditional star for a sea star. To keep up with this theme, integrate sea stars into the rest of your tree decor.
  • Sea star pillar candles
  • This DIY project is easy, cost-effective and brimming with unique style. Simply use sheer ribbon to attach sea stars to square pillar candles. For a bolder look, repeat this process on several candles, then group together as a centerpiece for your mantle or dining table.
  • Gift-wrapping accents
  • For a simple, yet one-of-a-kind accent, attach a single sea star to wrapped Christmas gifts. For this project, use solid-colored wrapping paper, keep ribbons to a minimum, and skip bows altogether.

Now you’re ready to bring Christmas to the OC! With the beach-inspired projects listed here, you can relax and entertain in beachy Christmas style.