Decorating: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’ve decided to take on a big decorating project in your home, congratulations! It’s a really rewarding way to spend your time, and the satisfaction of knowing just how much enjoyment you’ve added to your home life is well worth all the work.

On the other hand, if you’ve just decided to take on a big decorating project in your home, be careful! There’s a lot that could go wrong, and the mistakes you make could prove to be costly and require professional help to fix.

Fortunately, today we’re here with a short guide to starting on the right foot and avoiding some of the worst errors!


The first, vital thing to set is your budget. If you’re not careful, projects like this can balloon and eat up an unacceptably large budget so before you even begin, work out how much money you can set aside for your redecoration. This will tell the scope of your project: you might start with grand dreams of completing reimagining your bathroom into a vision of classic elegance, but if you find you can barely afford the paint then it will do you no good scouring catalogues for Edwardian bathroom fittings.

A reduced budget means either reducing the scope of your decorating to something achievable with the resources you have, or maybe waiting for another day when you can really achieve your dreams.


If you’re going to be drilling into the walls check first with a metal detector for pipes and wires. If you want to hang a picture but begin your project by drilling into a hot water pipe you’ll soon know about it! Mark clearly any areas you can’t drill into, and check your plans appropriately! You may have to move some things around.

Another key part of preparation is to measure everything involved and ensure you have enough raw materials: if you’re painting, measure the walls and ensure you’re buying enough paint, with a little spare. If you run out half way through and find your preferred shade has sold out, you’ll be in trouble.

Get Help

It’s never wise to embark on a long, difficult project alone. Getting someone to help you will make the work less lonely, and less dangerous – if you fall off a ladder there’ll be someone available to fetch help immediately!

If you’re sharing your house with your romantic partner, there’s someone nearby to ask, but this could lead to tension! It might help to defuse things by asking a friend of family member to lend a hand – it’s easier to resolve disputes with someone you aren’t so close to, and it’s a great chance to bond!

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