Making The Most of Garden Space in Style

We all take pride in our gardens and often spending time out there is a reward in itself.

However, it is always nice to open up your outdoor space to your friends and family and let them enjoy your garden as much as you do.

Any garden can be a suitable place for entertaining. Here are a few tips – from the subtle to the lavish.


Unless your idea of a good night out is standing on grass for a few hours then you are going to need a place for your guests to get comfy, snug and take the weight off their feet. This will encourage the conversation to flow and really help the atmosphere at your get-together.

Think about where is the best place in your garden to put a seating area. There may be a great spot at midday at the bottom of the garden, but is that practical at 9pm at night when people will struggle to see each other in among the foliage? Lay the seating out to encourage socialising by ensuring all the seats face at least two others.

If you want to have a conversation piece, you can even build your own unique handmade furniture and – as long as you’re not totally inept – your guests will have an easy icebreaker and a place to sit for the night.


If you want your focal point to be more than the place where you plant your bottoms then you can get a barbecue. Of course, the added bonus of this is the fact that you get to serve up (and eat) some delicious food.

Buy a good quality BBQ and it will last you years and years and always be on hand whenever the weather allows you to throw a garden party in the future. An option such as a Weber Charcoal BBQ will be ideal on most summer nights. These top-end charcoal barbecueswill not only provide you with delicious food, but can help create the perfect outdoor atmosphere with their glowing embers and smoky scents. As the night draws in, you and your guests can huddle around the grill for a bit of extra warmth too.

If you like this cosy idea, then it may be worth investing in a fire pit – a piece of garden furniture specifically designed to keep the atmosphere welcoming at a garden party.

Hot tub

If your garden is almost as big as your budget, then you can indulge in the ultimate socialising accessory. If you have a hot tub, your party is bound to live long in the memory and you will have no problems encouraging people to come back on another occasion – although you may find it hard to get them to leave!

Have no fear if you want to turn up the jacuzzi motors, as you can even get modern hot tubs with built-in speakers that will keep you and your guests singing along to your favourite songs all night.

If you are going to install one of these, then the most important thing you need to remember is to tell your friends that they will need to bring their swimwear along with them.


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