Rock’n’Roll Inspired Interiors

Rock and Roll is having a resurgence – many people are no longer content to just mindlessly follow trends, and rock music and the design it inspires is the perfect representation of that rebellion they’re looking for. Rock’n’Roll design is all about a palette of black, red, and purples, with shocking hints of metallic colours, it also brings to mind home accessories such as neon lights, retro jukeboxes, colourful guitars and artist-designed skateboards. If you’re looking to indulge in a little rebellious streak of design, look no further than the tips below!

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Decorate With Clothing, Guitars, Skateboards and More


Rock’n’roll decorating is about thinking outside the box – when it comes to adding art to your walls, don’t go for the conventional paintings, instead look to sourcing vintage and retro street signs, old neon lights from bars, and even signed instruments from your favourite bands! You might even like to create a framed display out of a particularly rock’n’roll outfit – try sourcing a stunning studded biker chick dress from So Sexy Fashion, and pair it with a classic leather jacket from The Biker Store. Classic!


Think Different Textures of Black


Using black in your interior design doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up with a very dark, dingy room. To avoid this effect, look for different textures – try pairing a patent shiny wardrobe from NCF furnishings with their black wooden floors, and a leather bedstead. It’s the perfect way for a classic look – just contrast with gold accessories.


Add Bright Finishing Touches


Against all those dark colours you’ll need some really bright accessories to give your look a fashionable edge. Try accessorising your black couch with hot pink pillows, or look for colourful circus lights for a striking centrepiece!


It’s all about the lighting


Bear in mind that against yellow light, black walls can look cheap. However, if you get hold of some Edison bulbs in designer industrial lighting, as this will instantly create a stylish, striking look inspired by the current designer trends.

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