Selling Your Home: Making Winter Work for You

If you’re looking to sell your house this coming winter, a little bit of redecorating  and a few simple homely additions could go a long way to creating the right first impression to potential buyers. You might think that the winter weather will put a negative spin on your home as people come for viewings, but if you’re savvy with your home décor, you can make the winter work to your advantage, helping you to make your home more enticing.  Here’s how.

The Right First Impression

Creating a good first impression is a great way to get your home viewing off to a positive start.  Something as simple as handing your viewers a cosy hot chocolate goes a long way when your prospective buyers knock on the door in the depths of winter.

If you’re lucky enough to have a real log fire, turn it on, and make the most of it by placing bundles of seasonal spices such as cinnamon, cloves and ginger nearby to infuse into the smoke. You could even take your visitors’ shoes and let them warm by the fire. If you don’t have a real fire, even leaving their coats to warm on a nearby radiator shows you care.

Cosy Home Comforts

Extra soft furnishings throughout your rooms will help make every space look cosy and inviting.  Although this is relatively simple in rooms like your living room, a hallway or bathroom might be more of a challenge.

A good way to cosy up your bathroom is to light small tea light candles, which will create a comforting atmosphere.  In a hallway, you could pin up drapes or tapestries which will cover up your bare walls, and take up very little space.

Outdoor Winter Wonderland

It’s not just the inside of your house that will help to sell it.  Turning your garden into a Christmas-themed spectacle will give your entire property a wintery theme which is consistent and cohesive.

Fairy lights which emit soft, yellow light will look great amongst your tree branches, and planting a Christmas fern will create a wonderful garden centrepiece which you and your family can enjoy decorating, and should create a point of conversation between you and your buyers.

So as you can see, winter doesn’t necessarily lower your chances of a sale.  If you make the appropriate preparations, you can use the winter weather to your advantage and make it work for you. When you’re ready to sell, a large online estate agent like House Network will be a great place to show off your property.

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