Should You Be Replacing Your Carpet?

Nobody likes to replace the carpeting in their house. It is a pain moving all the furniture out of the rooms and contacting the professionals to get rid of the old carpeting and install the new. Plus, it can be quite expensive. Be prepared to pay anywhere from four to ten dollars a square foot for the carpeting. In addition, if you need new padding to go along with it, then you will be paying even more. Furthermore, you have to pay for the installation as well. It can all add up quickly.


Does It Just Need Cleaning?

The good news is that maybe you do not need to replace the carpet. Perhaps it just needs a good cleaning. If you live in Canada, look for a company specialized in carpet cleaning in Montreal. However, if you live elsewhere, there are other carpet cleaning businesses located all across North America. While you can always rent a carpet cleaner, the experts usually know more about the proper process needed for each style of carpet.

How Can You Tell If It Is Time for a Change?

There are certain things to look for just in case you are on the fence about replacing your carpets. On average, carpeting nowadays needs to be replaced approximately every five years in high-traffic areas. If it is a household with a number of people walking on it all day and night, it can wear out quickly. However, if it is a bedroom where only one or two people are walking on it a couple times a day, it could last up to 15 years. Less traffic equals a longer lifespan for your carpets and more money saved in the long run.

There are two main reasons why you are probably contemplating yanking out the old and putting in the new: Loss of color and stains. Nobody wants to have stains present on their carpeting. When others come over to your house, it makes you seem like you are dirty or a slob. They don’t realize that your dog had an accident or your nephew spilled his soda on your floor.

In addition, when your white carpeting is appearing to be more yellow or gray, it probably is past time to either replace it or see what a good cleaning crew can do. Maybe they can bring your carpet back from the dead and save you a good amount of money in the process.






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