Skip The Contract with Your Next Security Company

Most security companies offering alarm and protection systems make their customers sign a contract (usually 1-2 years) before you can get their systems. This is their strategy for you to get their services long-term. It is important to take note that contracts will only benefit the company—and never the client. A contract only forces you to stay with the service provider even if you are not happy with their services. That is why it is recommended to skip the contract with your next security company.

Although most companies really require signing a contract and binding you to a term, there are still companies who don’t. It’s best to go for companies offering a month-to-month deal. This way, you can easily back out when things go south. Companies who don’t require any contract are most likely guaranteed to offer a great service because that’s the only way they could keep you.

One example of a company that offers a convenient monthly deal is Alder. You can stay safe with Alder Security systems because apart from the fact that there are no strings attached, their systems are also topnotch.

If you already have a specific company in mind which really compels you to sign a contract, make sure to ask the following questions.

  1. If there is a contract, how long is the term and what will happen if you get unhappy with their service?

This is an important question, so you would know how the process goes in case you end up unhappy along the way.

  1. Can the alarm company increase their prices while you’re under contract?

This is why you need to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before sealing the deal or ask the right questions upfront before anything else. You would not want to pay for unnecessary expenses. For sure, there are better companies that offer more honest deals, especially those which don’t require a contract.

  1. Do they provide a mobile app for free?

Although there are many companies now that offer mobile apps for you to control their systems remotely, some do upcharge clients for this. Ideally, choose a company that offers this feature at no extra charge.

  1. Is there some sort of guarantee?

It’s best to go for providers with money back guarantee. This way, you can test their services before signing any long-term contract.

  1. Can the technology be updated after the installation?

Technology improves in a fast pace across all sectors, especially in the area of home security. It’s best if your chosen company does update their technology among all of their subscribers and has a technology that sends updates instantly through cellular or broadband signals. This way, you can avoid keeping a system that’s obsolete.

Final Thoughts

Your home or business’ alarm system is a crucial element to secure everything and everybody you love. It’s best to never take for granted the process of finding the best service provider that will give you only the best deal.


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