Top Flooring Ideas For Your Bathroom

When picking out a new bathroom floor, there are a number of key things you should look for. It goes without saying that you’re going to get water on the floor, so selecting a surface that’s water-resistant is essential. That’s not to say you should compromise on style however – read on to hear our top tips for a classy yet functional bathroom floor.
Real wood

So that water spillage doesn’t cause you any grief, it may be a good idea to invest in a species of flooring that is robust and can cope well with moisture. Your best bet would be to select a very hard surface with the highest quality of engineering and finish, as these types are more likely to retain their character.

One of the main attractions of real wood flooring is the atmosphere it creates in a home. Your bathroom will feel comfortable and warm and be transformed from an otherwise purely practical space into a haven of peace away from the rest of the house.

If you’re hesitant about choosing real wood floors for your bathroom, you could always opt for the cheaper and more practical alternative, laminate.

A number of laminate products are waterproof, which is sure to be music to the ears of parents with small children who get overexcited at bathtime. No matter how much water is splashed over the edge of the tub, you can be sure no damage will be caused to your flooring!

It also means you can achieve the appearance of wood without having to worry about the quality of the flooring being impaired. It looks just like the real thing and creates the same authentic, classic ambience, plus there are a number of shades to pick from online with UK Flooring Direct.

Whatever the theme you have running throughout your abode, you’re bound to find a variety of stone floor that complements it perfectly. The material comes in lots of different textures and designs and it’s great for generating a contemporary feel.

Stone is not just celebrated for its stunning appearance, it is also very hardwearing and therefore perfectly suited to rooms in the home where lots of dampness and moisture is expected. Unlike with surfaces like carpet, you won’t have to worry about how wet it gets and it is extremely easy to clean, meaning spillages and leaks can be dealt with efficiently and without fuss.

If you’re on a budget, which so many of us are in the current climate, then you might prefer flooring that still looks sophisticated but that won’t break the bank. One of the best materials for this is porcelain, as it has an appearance of stone but it’s a much more cost-effective alternative.

What’s more, porcelain is very easy to look after, making it a great addition to a larger household or one owned by someone with a busy schedule who has little time for cleaning. Guests to your abode won’t even notice you’ve opted for a cheaper flooring option, as like stone it can be purchased in lots of different styles.


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