Top Ten Handrail Manufacturers And How To Choose Between Them

Handrails can be both a practical and aesthetic addition to any home, providing inhabitants with support and safety, while also being very pleasing on the eye. Consequently, more people than ever are looking to have handrails fitted in their home and outdoor spaces. As demand and technological capabilities have grown, so too has the variety of materials from which handrails can be manufactured and the ways in which they can be installed. However, with so many handrail manufacturers and different design possibilities to choose from, customers often find it difficult to know where to begin. With this in mind, we take a look at the top ten handrail manufacturers in the UK and what you should look for when choosing between them.


1. Stainless Handrail Systems

Stainless Handrail Systems offer a fantastic manufacturing service that covers the entire range of handrails, from frameless glass to traditional wooden designs. The company specialises in providing support and advice to anyone interested in installing a handrail in their home and is naturally an ideal choice for those looking for manufacturers of stainless steel handrail systems.

2. The Handrail People

For those interested in the more practical applications of a handrail, namely providing support to those who may struggle to climb stairs and ramps or gain access to buildings, The Handrail People are the place to go. With an emphasis on manufacturing simple but effective handrails to those that need them most, The Handrail People are an excellent choice of supplier.

3. Handrail Design

If you’re interested in a more modern approach to handrails and the way they can be used and implemented, Handrail Design may be able to provide you with a few ideas.Based in Chatham, this company specialises in modular handrails that are incredibly versatile and look fantastic.

4. Haldane

Haldane is the company to go for if high quality, wooden handrails are what you want. Their manufacturing methods involve the use of beautiful timber and they remain famous for their ability to construct long, flowing handrails uninterrupted my mitred corners.

5. Stairplan Staircase Manufacturers

If timber is not your thing, but oak takes your fancy, you may want to pop over to Stairplan for a look at their fantastic range of handrails.

6. Precision Timber Handrails

Another timber specialist, PTH utilise the newest technological equipment to carry out thorough surveys of staircases and homes in order to ensure that their handrails are perfect every time.

7. Handrail Systems

Working with a variety of materials, Handrail Systems have worked on a number of high-profile projects in the past and remain a good choice of stainless steel handrail manufacturer.

8. SG System Products

SG System Products have developed quite the reputation for delivering high-quality, bespoke handrails to all of their clients.

9. Crafted Handrails

Based in Bedfordshire, Crafted Handrails has 35 years for superior results.

10. IPM Fittings

IPM Fittings is renowned for its quick service and easy to assemble handrails, so if you’re in a rush to install, they may be the best option for you.

Choosing your handrail

While the product should always take priority when choosing between handrail manufacturers, it is important to remember that a business should also provide support to its clients. This means that a large part of choosing between handrail manufacturers will come down to how valued you feel as a customer and how highly you rate their service. Such judgments begin from the moment you contact a business to make an enquiry. How do they answer the phone? Are they friendly in dealing with your request for information? Do they sound professional? Though on first appearance these questions may appear trivial, they are a good indication as to how you will be treated throughout the purchasing process or if you experience any problems further the line. A business’ reputation will often go a long way to letting you know whether the whole installation process will go smoothly or not and how issues will be dealt with if they arise. Listen to people that have been through the experience and try to do a little research of your own before agreeing to use any one business. Reviews of most companies’ services and products can now be found online and it is very much worth taking into consideration other customers viewpoints. Finally, a good handrail manufacturer will know a great deal about the industry and their product. If you feel that any particular manufacturer doesn’t have the depth of knowledge you would hope for, it is probably time to look elsewhere. You can find answers to some general questions about handrails and building documents on the FAQ section of the UK Government website where it explains that a circular handrail should have a diameter of 40-50mm while one with an oval profile should be 50mm wide and 38mm deep with a radius of at least 15mm. A clearance of 50-60mm between a handrail and any adjacent wall surface is also required.

By Francesca Holmes

Francesca Holmes is a writer and editor at Stainless Handrail Systems. When not on a mission to bring high-end architecture to the masses, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors.

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