Transform Your Old Bathroom Into Your Dream One

If you’re anything like most people, then your bathroom won’t have been updated for sometime. It is often the room that is the most neglected and overlooked when it comes to incorporating style and design into the home.


The bathroom may not be considered to be the most important room in the home, but it is a necessity and is the perfect space to hold modern and fresh looks that revamp the home. If your bathroom is an area of neglect, then now is the time to provide it with a touch of TLC, with the help of specialists such as
With some careful planning, your bathroom has the potential to become a sophisticated space that fulfills both practical and style needs.


Light Decor

One of the first decisions to make when transforming your bathroom is the way it should be decorated. There’s one golden rule that cannot be ignored when it comes to decoration; less is more.


Neutral colour schemes are back, and they are here to stay.


Creams, magnolias and whites have never been more desired. As well as helping to brighten the space and create a look of elegance, these colours encourage the appearance of the bathroom to remain timeless.
Consistency of style is key and adopting this colour scheme will create an effortlessly stylish look whether it is the neutral tones of the walls, the tiles or the furnishings.

Travertine and limestone wall tiles, for example, tie in perfectly with a neutral colour scheme and their natural accents instantly help a bathroom to look sleek, sophisticated and modern.


If you want to add a little personality to your bathroom, border tiles can help to add a subtle and extra dimension.

Clever Storage


When thinking about how your new bathroom will look, examples of those beautiful bathrooms seen in countless catalogues, magazines and brochures instantly come to mind.

But in an attempt to emulate them, one thing has become clear; none of the bathrooms seem to cater for the amount of personal items and products that overwhelm the space. Surely no bathroom can look perfect and tidy all of the time?

Believe it or not, it is possible with the help of cleverly thought out storage.

Built-in shower coves, mirrored units and folding stowaways built into the bathtub unit, can all help to keep everyday essentials out of the way and keep the bathroom clutter free. What’s more, storage will really help utilise every inch of space that’s available – making it both tidy and functional.

Simple Accessories

Once the decoration is complete, the final stage of the transformation is to kit it out with stylish accessories.

Now’s your change to get creative! Chrome fixtures and fittings, fresh new holders and dispensers, and effective lighting can all help to transform the overall look of your bathroom.

However, there’s one accessory that is a necessity; a high quality mirror.

A slightly smaller bathroom cries out for a large mirror to open up the space and make it appear bigger than it really is.

Rather than opting for one with a chunky frame which could run the risk of having the opposite effect, a frameless one will help to ensure the mirror ties in perfectly with the rest of the room – no matter what décor and accessories you’ve chosen to go with it.

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