Using Bamboo All Over The Home: How To Use Bamboo In Home Decoration

bamboo in hdFor the eco-conscious home decorator, few words are as exciting as “bamboo”.  One of the most versatile materials on the planet, bamboo can be used in almost any setting and for almost any purpose.  Because of the explosion of the green market and the desire of consumers to be more eco-friendly more and more bamboo products are available to consumers, and the prices are lower than ever before.  If you are looking to incorporate bamboo into your home decorating, there are three areas where you will want to take a close look.

Living Room

The room of the house that most people are going to spend time in is the living room.  This is a place where you want to make sure that your furniture and decorations are durable and are able to stand up to potential damage.  Bamboo is exceptionally strong and durable, so if you have bamboo furniture in your living room you do not have to worry about it getting broken or damaged by your guests.  You will find that a bamboo coffee table gives a very classic look to any room, while a bamboo bench is an excellent way to add intimate seating to the living room.  For an extra special touch you can use a bamboo lamp, which not only looks great when the lamp is dark, but it looks extraordinary when it is lit.  If you are looking for a good way to add color and some personality to the room, then a bamboo throw rug or a bamboo shag is the way to go.  With so many colors to choose from with most manufacturers, there is bound to be one that matches what you have in mind.


Another area of the home where bamboo can come in handy is in the bathroom.  Bamboo fibers have many of the same qualities as other fabric fibers, making bamboo a terrific choice for things like towels and bathrobes.  The bamboo fibers are very soft, and they work well to keep you warm during the winter, while breathing in the summer to help keep you cool.  The bamboo towels are super absorbent, so they are able to get you dry more quickly than traditional towels so that you can get on with your day.  If you use a bamboo bathmat or a rug, you will help to reduce the chance of slipping and falling, as bamboo mats are very slip resistant.  Bamboo also has more practical uses, as both a toilet paper and as a detoxifying soap.


Finally, bamboo is an excellent addition to most kitchens.  As a countertop, table and cutting board, the benefits of bamboo are easy to see.  Bamboo will give the kitchen a sophisticated and warm look that your family and guests will find inviting.  You can also add bamboo utensils and plates to your kitchen.  These are a definite upgrade over plastic, both in terms of appearance and environmental impact; however, bamboo plates also offer some benefits over glass.  Bamboo plates and bowls are just as easy to clean as glass, but you do not have to worry about dropping and breaking bamboo in the same way.  The durability makes bamboo plates ideal even for young children.

When you put your home together there are a lot of different approaches that you can take in the decoration.  Incorporating bamboo into the design will help to protect the environment and it will give your home a look that is different from what your friends and neighbors have.

I am Mandy Lawler and three years ago my husband and I decided to be more eco-conscious.  We went through and redecorated our home with bamboo designs we found at Bambooki and our home looks amazing.