What Do House Buyers Really Want in a Home?

What buyers want from their homes changes year upon year, but there are some trends that are proving to be consistently popular amongst house-hunters.

Smaller Houses

Bigger houses might have a certain appeal, but in reality, buyers are conscious of the cost to run them. Utility bills will be higher, and so will mortgage repayments, so many people are conscious of how a bigger house could actually have a negative impact on their quality of life. Smaller houses present an exciting challenge, and any Pinterest addict will be well aware of the amazing things you can do with a small space in terms of creating clever storage solutions.

Open Plan Layouts

Rather than buying a huge house, it seems home buyers would rather have a small, but open plan space. There’s something about open plan houses that feels light, airy and most of all, functional. A lack of dividing walls between rooms like the kitchen and dining room makes for a more sociable space, making it an attractive option for the vast majority of house hunters.

Bags of Character

The problem with modern and new-build houses is that they’re often lacking in character, and this is a big turn-off for many home buyers. A blank, uninspiring canvas isn’t always appealing, and a house with unusual features can often spark the imaginations of eager house hunters looking for a place that excites them.

Modern Kitchens

Houses can be modern and full of character though, and one room that house buyers like to see decked up to the nines is the kitchen. Modern appliances and innovative features – like a boiling water tap – are all attractive to those looking for the perfect home, as the kitchen is often the most costly to renovate if it’s not up to scratch already.

Plenty of Bathrooms

It seems that house buyers want to avoid the scramble for the shower on a morning, and consequently prefer homes with more than one bathroom. It might be another toilet to clean, but it’s worth it to avoid day to day family drama.

Looking to Sell Up?

Hopefully, if you’re selling your home, you’ll now have some idea about what buyers want. Even if your home doesn’t fit the brief, you can judge the potential your home has and make sure buyers realise it too. If you’re still having no luck, it’s not the end of the world, you can always sell your house fast when you contact somewhere like Property Rescue.

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