Why a Food Box Subscription is the Best Gift to Give

It’s a wonder that it took so long for these services to show up on the market- food boxes are the best! Order the meal that you want online, and an insulated box arrives at your door with fresh ingredients and easy to follow recipes which allow you to cook fuss-free.


Never underestimate the time it takes to plan, prepare, shop for, and research a wholesome, healthy meal. There are many times in our lives, from moving to a new home, welcoming a new little member to the family, periods of illness, and more, when being able to cook a home-cooked meal without all the preemptive steps is empowering.

Still wondering what makes a meal box a better gift than some take-out or a restaurant gift card?


More and more people are becoming health conscious and want to know what’s in their food. Fast food and quick take out restaurants aren’t usually known to be very healthy, or even transparent with their ingredients.  Food boxes arrive full of wholesome, fresh ingredients, ready to be used. Many people have food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances which make it difficult to find meals out that are safe for them to eat. When they get a meal box, they know exactly what their meal is made from and how, controlling potential contamination.


Eating in is sometimes a better option than going out, most of us will know. When you are feeling overwhelmed, tired, or are stuck at home with an infant who finally fell asleep, the last thing you want to do is go out to a restaurant. Being able to prepare this nutritious food in the comfort of your own home is greatly valued in times like those. All the ingredients come in the amounts that you need, so there are no conversions, portioning out, etc. While you do need to be aware during the cooking process, there isn’t much mind bending going on.


Cooking is an enabling and relaxing pastime for a lot of people. Knowing that they can put together quality ingredients and come out with a delicious meal gives them a sense of worth and value. Build up those who might be otherwise feeling overwhelmed after a big renovation project, a move, or a difficult situation at work. Instead of allowing them to binge eat to deal with their emotions, give them a healthy alternative.


We’re all tired of getting useless knick-knacks as gifts, right? A food box is a consumable experience gift that solves a problem. Each meal also comes with an easy to follow recipe, exposing those who are cooking to new recipes, techniques, and ingredients. For all you know, this might create a revolution in their day to day cooking habits! It’s also something that they can share with others as the main subject matter for a small dinner party or a family gathering.


As the ingredients are portioned out for exactly the number of diners, there is significantly less waste associated with a meal food box than if you were just going to do groceries for the person you want to help out. They might use some items, toss others, or be overwhelmed with the volume. The entire food box business is pretty eco-friendly as the ingredients are usually natural and fresh, the boxes they come in are reusable, and there is minimal food waste, as mentioned before!

Next time you’re racking your brain trying to find the perfect gift to give your family member or friend, or are just trying to give a helping hand, you’ll find a food box delivery service in many Canadian cities, ready to be sent, cooked up, and eaten!

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